Monday, August 2, 2010

Snack Sack

Okay, there's been a lot more crafting than quilting going on around here lately. But that's fine with me since I ended up with these awesome new snack sacks for the kids! Now I don't have to throw their juice boxes, granola bars, raisins, whatever into my purse.

Cute, right? The main fabric is a taupe cotton sheet from IKEA ($4.50 for a twin, which is a huge amount of fabric). The detail pieces are fussy cut and raw edge appliqued onto linen/cotton, which is also raw edge appliqued onto the main fabric.

The back has a pocket made from the same fabric as the bag lining (vintage sheet - thanks Jill!). Handles are another vintage sheet fabric.

Couldn't help myself and made another tiny twill tape tag.

After making one bag I immediately NEEDED to make another one. Two kids. Two snack sacks. Heaven help me if they had to, you know, SHARE.

True confessions: I made this second one at an obscenely late hour. So late, it was actually very, very early. When I put the handles on I messed up the front one and it has a little twist in it. I could take it apart and fix it. But I'm not going to.

So there you have it. Snack sacks for everyone!


  1. Those are super cute! I have to go get that ink and some twill tape!

  2. I really love these! Especially the little appliques, they're so fun, and super useful! I like making little crafts in between quilts, it's nice to get that sense of accomplishment that comes from actually finishing something.

  3. I love the tags and the fabric choices!


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