Monday, August 23, 2010

A New Favorite

If you haven't checked her out yet, go visit Ayumi over on Pink Penguin because she makes some pretty fabulous stuff. She's also super generous with the tutorials and often has some real gems in her etsy shop. She recently made a bento lunch bag for her husband and was kind enough to share her pattern with the rest of us in this tutorial.

As soon as I saw the bag, I knew I wanted to make one for a friend of mine who is a knitter. We had dinner recently and she pulled out her latest project in a plastic grocery bag! I said to myself: This will not do! She needs a cute knitting bag!


One of the really cool things about this bag is the drawstring cover. It's a really lovely detail.

This bag was made from a cotton/linen blend with a colorful Henry Glass print for the rim and some random print from my stash for the cover. The lining of the bag and back of the handles is a green sheet from IKEA (which happens to be an almost dead on color match for Kona peridot, in case you were wondering).

So, after making this bag, I really REALLY wanted to make one for myself as well. So I came up with this little patchwork number:

I'm using it as my purse right now and love it! One of my favorite things about this one is the cover, which is made from a vintage pillowcase. Cute, right?

Ayumi's tutorials are very clear and easy to understand with lots of pictures to help you along. Her attention to detail in the construction and finishing of this bag are particularly nice.

I'll probably need to make another one. And then maybe another one.


  1. Thanks for showing me her site, I LOVE this bag, and she has a lot of great inspiration on her site. Great Find! Also, thanks for the tip on the Ikea sheet - I need to make a stop there.

  2. I am impressed that you saw the potential for this bag as a knitting bag, it's perfect! I was much enamored of your patchwork version on Thursday, partly because of your fabulous construction and also because of my cherry fetish!

  3. I've been to Pink Penguin, but hadn't seen that particular bag -- it's great!

  4. Love the bag. I'll have to check out the site.


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