Monday, February 3, 2014

My Favorites Quilt

I finally made a quilt especially for me. The idea had been percolating for awhile and I knew I wanted to use my stash of coveted Japanese prints. All of my favorites are in here.

I began cutting the triangles before being completely sure of the layout. It was both nerve wracking and exhilarating to cut into fabrics that I had been saving (hoarding) for so long. But really, what good are they sitting on a shelf? I didn't buy fabric to create a museum. I bought it to make awesome stuff!

The back is a fantastic text print from IKEA.

When I first started laying out the triangles, they were completely random. I knew I wanted to add the white sashing but the look was still very chaotic. As I played around with it all, I started to pair up the triangles into semi-coordinated diamonds. I think it really helped to bring some small sense of order to the various prints and colors used.

I really love this quilt. Like, REALLY love this quilt. It was extremely liberating to cut into all these beauties and now I get to enjoy seeing them every single day. Lesson learned: use your fabric. It gives you much more joy than just piling it on a shelf.

The binding is yarn dyed essex linen, which is one of my all time favorite fabrics. Ever.

Ahhhh....what a joy. Buy what you love, use what you have, enjoy what you make. Life is really too short to do it any other way.