Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Dear Gary, I love you but I think it best if you do not read this post. Seriously. Thanks, sweetie!

Okay, I don't know if everyone has a place like this in their backyard but we Portlanders are very lucky to have Fabric Depot and it's yearly Outdoor Sale. OMG, it's like a little fabric Disneyland - and this year, they seem to have Really Great Stuff.

Check it out:
These will be made into pj pants for my daughter. The top one is flannel and the others are the softest cotton I've ever felt.

These are pj pants that have already been made for my son. Three bucks a yard for these fabrics! Awesome!

And I think I may have to make sushi pj pants for me.

Okay, here's where it starts to get crazy. Gary, seriously, if you're reading this, you should stop. It's for your own good.

Some sweet orange polka dots, and a tiny alphabet print (hard to see in this pic). The bottom two are fabulous faux bois prints that will probably back some napkins.

These are all coordinating cheery cherry prints from Moda - four bucks a yard! I mean, how can I NOT buy them. They're going to make super cute patchwork!

Yeah, there's more. And yes, that's Tula Pink's Nest fabric on top. Third one down is a great ruler/tape measure print. The solid on the bottom is a nice linen/cotton blend and I got an insane amount of it - something like six yards (there are about two yards pictured). I plan to make some bags to give to friends for Christmas.

Okay, don't hate me - and don't rush over to Fabric Depot because I bought pretty much all they had. Yes, LUSH!

As if that wasn't enough, I've also had some truly stellar luck in the remnant department lately. Fabric Depot is great for rems because they automatically mark down 20% and then take another 50% off at the register.

If you made it this far, just know that I wish you all the same luck at finding great deals on fabric. It's an obsession I truly (and obviously) understand.

EDIT: Please know that these were NOT all purchased in one fell swoop...more like collected over the summer. And most Outdoor Sale pieces are one yard. Rems are significantly smaller, some just 1/8 of a yard. Do I sound like I'm trying to justify this massive mountain of fabric? Why yes. Yes, I am.


  1. Holy. I would have to smuggle that into the house! You go!

  2. Holy Sh!t, you scored!! I was there last week and only got a few things. That's the thing with the outdoor sale, sometimes it's loaded with good stuff and sometimes not so much. You're on this summer though!! I LOVE that sushi fabric, I guess I need to make another run out there. Don't tell my husband :)

  3. Oh my goodness! You are super lucky to live close to the fabric Disneyland! I'm so jealous! I would definitely go crazy if I went there!

  4. Whoa. Nice job...if he gives you greif just tell him it's like buying a new rake!


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