Thursday, August 5, 2010

Just when you thought I was done....

MORE hexagons!

It's probably bad form for me to be posting these since I made them for a PMQG swap later this month. Oh well. I love them and hope that whoever nabs them in the blind swap loves them too.

Also made a tiny little drawstring pouch for them because one can never have too many tiny red and aqua hexie adorned drawstring pouches, can they?


  1. Hey we are all having dinner in vancouver friday the 13th. Your invited if you would like to come :) I can bring your FMF

  2. Megs you're so cool! :) Love the hexagons!!!

  3. we are all sure to be disappointed if we don't pick your bag off the table! Beautiful fabrics and the bag is so sweet.

  4. Great hexies, Megan! Love your fabric choices :)


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