Sunday, August 22, 2010


...the newest members of our family:

Lord help me, we've added not one but TWO kittens that are just 1-2 months old. I guess managing two children under five, starting potty-training with my daughter and trying to keep up with things like laundry and grocery shopping (not to mention sewing and crafting!) just wasn't quite enough.

This is Girl Kitty, proudly named by my two year old. She's feisty and has tons o' spunk. But she's also battling a pretty intense upper respiratory infection (kitty cat cold), so please think happy thoughts for her.

This is Little John, named by my four year old. He is a total cuddlebug and the sweetest little fella. I love the tufts of hair coming out of his ears. He looks like a feline elf.

They're both still getting used to their new digs and have discovered that the wine rack is a pretty cool hideout.

Oh, and by some MIRACLE, they both already know how to use a litter box. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Both kitties were adopted from the Oregon Humane Society. If you get the chance to invite a pet into your life, please check out all the wonderful animals available in this and other shelters.


  1. OMG - you are kidding!! Too fun and cute, and oh, guess play time is at your house this week :)

  2. I thought you said one? CRAZY...
    Girl kitty is a cute name. She could hang out with Jasons cat Lil Kitty. maybe we can see them on Friday!

  3. Oh! So sweet! We always adopt kitties in twos- then they have a friend to play with! Ours are brother sister too- Harry and Tessie! I love it when they grow up with the other little ones (the kids)!


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