Friday, August 27, 2010

Cute Alert!

Lookie what I found at Goodwill for two bucks:

My daughter wants it. Bad.

But I've made it very clear that this particular item is mine. All mine.

It holds other cute items:

I had a pretty serious obsession with Hello Kitty when I was ~ahem~ younger. It seems I never quite got over it. I mean, how else can I explain denying my very own daughter this sweet treasure? But I did. And I don't have even a twinge of guilt.


  1. I love it!! I also have a sweet spot for Hello Kitty, and maybe even Strawberry Shortcake :)

  2. Um, me too....I think I'm the oldest though! You two were ahead of your time!

  3. Were did you find that? I might need to get one for my daughter.


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