Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Zippy pouch progress

I may have had a zipper epiphany. A zippiphany, if you will. And it all happened while experimenting with this little pouch:

Cute enough, right? Although I feel a little bit sorry for the poor red birdie on the ribbon who got his beak smooshed in the seam allowance. Oh well. But look at corners by the zipper ends. Not nearly as wonky, angled, not-crisp-cornered as my previous pouches. This makes me very happy!

A little close-up of the patchwork, topstitching and crocheted lace.

And look at those cute little cherries inside!

So, I may be ready to give myself a zipper break and move on to some other fun projects.


  1. That little bird is great, smooshed beak or not. I can't believe how great your zippers are. I am going to come to you or Joan next time I have a zipper quandary!

    True story, while reading your last post I originally thought I was reading a Pink Penguin post until I saw your kids! You are rocking that style!

  2. I love it! I really love all your little pouches, they make me want to make a ton of them too... wish these kids would become a little more self sufficient so I could.

  3. oh cute! this pouch is simple adorable!

  4. Your zipper is probably the best example I've seen. Is there any way you can share what you learned during your zippiphany, so the rest of us can aspire to create such perfection?
    thank you - deena

  5. So cute! I must say that I love the lace on te pouch. Is it vintage? I don't think I have seen a prettier lace before. And you did an amazing job at the corners by the zipper! I've tried to get the result with no luck of success. Love the cherries too :D


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