Friday, September 10, 2010

My Moleskine

Okay, both Jen and Jill beat me to the punch and posted about their Moleskine covers, so it's only fair that I post about mine as well. This was a really fun experiment/challenge and I love how differently all three of our covers turned out!

Here's the front of mine:

I used an IKEA sheet for the solid and a thrifted floral sheet for the print/back. The hexies are some of my favorite sewing related prints and I love the graphic punch they add.

Here's the inside flap:
I went ahead and made mine removable but I didn't include any pockets or anything. After thinking about it I decided that I didn't want any bulk there to interfere with writing on the backs of the pages. But I do have a plan for carrying my pencil/eraser/swatches/ruler.

Here's the inside back flap:

I made the flap so that I can still access the back pocket of the moleskine.

Here's the back cover and a great look at that pretty sheet:

A close-up of the hexies (I must get more of that math print. I LOVE it):

And finally here's a detail of the topstitching and lace from the front cover:

So my plan for writing instruments/rulers and such is to make a pencil pouch that has a large covered elastic loop attached so that I can use it as a closure for the notebook. But I haven't even cut out fabric for that so you'll have to wait to see it.

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  1. Love it! And love how different ours all come out, really cool to see. Your lace and top stitching is fabulous. Where did you get that math print? If you get some, get me some too!!!


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