Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Scrappy Projects - Part 2

Ready for another fun scrap-busting project?


I love reading. I love fabric. I love reading about fabric. And I love these scrappy bookmarks.

This is a really neat way to use all those super-cute Japanese prints that are incredibly fun but can also be pricey. I never want to waste even a little bit of my Japanese stash. So it's great that you don't need much at all to make a really unique bookmark.

These next ones were made with Tufted Tweets and I also added a stamped word. You could add ribbon too.

You can see that I left the edges raw on both the main bookmark fabric as well as the small scrap pieces. I like the way the fraying softens the edges and keeps the bookmark nice and flat. But you can make them however you like!

Here's a detail of the teeny tiny Tin Man applique ~ and the little trees with the mushrooms. Seriously, I can't let this cuteness languish in my scrap pile!

Let's see, tips and tricks.... I made these by fusing the fabrics together with Wonder Under, a type of web that is fusible on two sides. If you don't have any, you could also just use a lightweight fusible interfacing but be careful when you stitch around the edges that your fabric doesn't shift. Part of why I like to use a fusible product is because it adds some stability to the finished bookmark so it isn't quite so floppy, but it doesn't add a lot of bulk which might distort the pages in your book. Fusing also helps to keep the fraying to a minimum.

If you make a bookmark for yourself or a friend, I'd love to know about it!


  1. Megs, you're on fire with the scrappy projects! I LOVE these, I mean, LOVE!!! What a great teacher gift, or birthday gift. You are super clever and crafty!

  2. I still can't get over these. Not sure which I like better, these ornthe pin case


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