Thursday, September 16, 2010

Scrap Busting Projects~ Part 3

Have you been having fun with your scraps? I have! In fact, I may have to make about 75 gazillion sets of these:

These are fabric covered buttons, only better! Not that they aren't completely adorable as buttons. And hey, if you need buttons and want to make super-cute fabric covered ones, great! You're done. But if you bend down the button shank and fill in the back with adhesive, you can press in a thumbtack and have these:

The cutest thumbtacks EVER! And if you don't have a bulletin board, you can ditch the thumbtacks and glue in a magnet and put these on your fridge. Cute overload!

You can purchase button covering kits at your local fabric store or craft store ~ no special tools are required and they're pretty inexpensive. They come in a variety of sizes too so you can mix it up if you like. I used some kind of fancy adhesive (Duco Cement) that works with metal, but hot glue would probably work, too. You'll want to go for something a little stronger than your garden variety white glue so that the buttons don't pop off the tacks or magnets.

A word of caution: using a thicker fabric like this cotton/linen blend might cause you to use language that isn't exactly appropriate for your extremely verbal four year old to hear. You can compensate by making a larger button (the ones pictured are only 5/8") or by using a 100% cotton fabric that is a little bit thinner than the blend.

Have fun!


  1. Oh man, now I need to go get buttons to cover, these are adorable!

  2. These would be great in the new shop!


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