Monday, September 27, 2010

Brace yourself

I've actually been working on a quilt!

This is Bailey's "I Spy" quilt, made from the leftovers/scraps from making one for Owen. I've had the spying squares done for ages but only just now added the pink sashing/border and did the quilting. Why now? Well, her birthday is next week so it was now or never!

And looky - I did some more free motion stippling! The quilt is small, maybe crib or lap size but I was pretty impressed with myself that I got all the quilting done in one evening after the kiddos went to bed.

The binding is already cut, just need to press it, attach it and hand-sew it. A trip through the washer to crinkle up and it will be all done! I think I can manage to get that completed before the festivities. And then I can say goodbye to I Spy quilts. Not that they weren't fun and all but I'm ready to move on to other projects.


  1. It looks great Megs! Nice work, you'll totally get it done in time, she's gonna love it!

  2. Yeah! The quilting looks awesome...
    It's sure going to feel good to be done I bet!

  3. I'm happy to see this lovely stitching. I know what you mean after you've worked with certain fabrics or a technique for a while you are ready to be done with it!

  4. Good job! I love all those little fussy cut squares in the middle. It looks great!


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