Thursday, June 17, 2010

Look at me!

This is a phrase heard often around here as the kiddos try to outdo one another in their exploits. But now it's MY turn to shout from the rooftops: LOOK! I did me some stippling!

I cannot believe I actually did it! And while I was nervous at first - completely sure I was going to ruin my little Retro Wave quilt - it ended up being really really fun.

There it is all stippled up and ready to go in the wash. There are more "mistakes" in the quilting than I care to mention but since it's the very first time I've ever attempted this, I'm very satisfied with the end result.
And here it is out of the dryer and all crinkly and cozy! My daughter has already claimed this as her own though the quilt is pretty small. I figure she'll drag it around and curl up with it while watching cartoons.
The back is a really cute tiny print that goes with all the other 30's repro fabrics on the front.

So happy to have the first one under my belt because I KNOW I'll be doing more stipple quilting in the future.

***Pattern is New Wave from Oh, Fransson with some modifications. I used a dresden ruler so had thinner, shorter waves than you would get if following the pattern exactly. ***


  1. Holy cow! Look at you go! Nice work, you've got me inspired - but I'd better start on something a bit smaller than a quilt. I think this looks fabulous!!!

  2. nice job! You know you will be the only one to see the mistake!

    Oh, and happy lat birthday!

  3. It looks so good! I've never tried it but I want to. I've done all my piecing and quilting by hand but it is so slow that now I'm venturing into machine piecing and would love to do some stippling as well. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Oh wow, look how pretty that turned out! Great job! It looks fantastic!

  5. Great news! It looks fabulous! I love fresh rumply quilts... I agree no one will ever notice. Anyway, "done is better than perfect!". Congratulations on being a free motion quilter.

  6. There are NO quilt police. I promise. I should know ;) It looks great ~ such a pretty quilt!!

  7. That is fantastic! I love the stippling and the quilt is so pretty! Nice job.

  8. Good job. You really have to jump in and do it. It does get easier.....


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