Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New tricks

Lots of firsts to report today.

I joined my very first quilting bee over on flickr. Bee Vintage. It's an offshoot of the vintage sheet swap, which I'm also doing for the first time. For our first month, Sarah sent us some kona grass and asked for paper pieced string blocks following this tutorial. So, feeling like a complete and utter newbie I made my first paper pieced block, first string block and first time actually getting in there and using my collection of vintage sheets to make my first block for my first quilting bee. Whew!
I think it turned out okay! The main reason I joined the bee was to get out of my own little box and pick up some new skills making blocks and patterns I might not choose on my own.

And while we're on the subject of new skills....this is Owen's newest. Pretty much every time I try to take his picture now this is what he does. I thought he might be distracted by the chocolate frosted cupcakes we made for Father's Day, but apparently not.


  1. Yay on your first Bee!!! I haven't made it there yet, but you're inspiring me. OK, that last pic is too funny, and too cute. Love the string block, looks fab! I may have to try one of those.

  2. Love that block - the green is just perfect to go with vintage sheets! I thought about joining that bee, but didn't want to commit to more than one at a time. So I look forward to seeing you post your blocks every month!


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