Sunday, June 6, 2010

Another Bag.

I told you it might become a problem. Making bags is kind of awesome. And when you're have a NEW BAG! This one is the Margaret Bag (free downloadable pattern from Oh, Fransson!). More IKEA fabric and I'm kinda loving the orange lining.

Last night was the Portland Modern Quilt Guild's sewing night at Modern Domestic. Most awesome place ever. It doesn't get much better than three hours of sewing time interrupted only by chatting with new quilty friends Jill and Jen and other members of the Guild.

This shows the double button thingy. The white button was the right size but lacked the pizzaz of the orange button so I just stacked 'em up and sewed 'em on.

I love my new summer bag! Now, if only summer would arrive.


  1. Megan, it was so fun watching your bag come together last night. I love it!

  2. It's so cute! I'm totally jealous.

    Oh and I forgot to get the yummy bread recipe!

  3. first of all, that orange button is breaking my heart it's so perfect. Second of all - dang it! I was upstairs and didn't know you were there! Lame. I'll be sure to be on the ground floor next time since now I know it's "where all my bloggers at".


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