Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

What do you like best about this photo? Is it the pretty purple flowers my husband brought home on Friday to kick off my birthday weekend? Or is it the folded up quilt, ready to go visit the PMQG meeting this week? Perhaps it's the overflowing laundry basket - yes, I did two loads of laundry on my birthday. My favorite thing is the big plastic dump truck lurking at the bottom of the stairs just waiting to injure some unsuspecting person. Ah, life with kiddos!

But all laundry and injurious toys aside, just LOOK at what came in the mail today! I'm telling you, it really WAS a happy birthday!

And best of all (even better than the Tufted Tweets, which is saying a LOT), I got to spend the day with my family - always the best present!

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