Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Desperately Seeking...

Patchwork Patterns 318 by Kumiko Fujita. ISBN: 4-579-11078-1

Out of print. Boo hoo.

If anyone has any leads on getting a copy of this book I would love you forever.



  1. has a used one for sale for 3,000 yen which is $37.08 and then you'd have to pay shipping too. I put the link on your FB page. ^^

  2. I got my copy a long time ago from PinkNelle on etsy.

  3. This blog is so soothing, Megan. It's as if I am visiting a very best relative who is nothing but love.

    Thanks for your creativity and for sharing your dear family!! V

  4. Kinokuniya Bookstore might have it! Except I can't read Japanese. However you might want to go there, just a hop over to Beaverton, and maybe bring a picture and they can help you order it? ^^

  5. I don't know why I'm so obsessed with finding this book now.. lol. Anyway, another on-line friend has a lot of Japanese craft books. She recommend getting in touch with a couple of seller on Etsy that have gotten hard to find books when she's requested them.

    "These 2 sellers on Etsy can likely find it for you: MeMe Craft Work and Pomadour 24 (I have ordered from both of these sellers)"

  6. Hi Megan, was just about to list my copy on Etsy and found your blog. Were you still interested in the book?


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