Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I've been busy making a few little goodies for my partner in the Spicing Up the Kitchen swap over on Flickr.

This is what that pile of stuff from last time has turned into.

There are a couple of linen kitchen towels and a little fabric basket from the tutorial over on Pink Penguin.

Both towels feature an applique from one of my favorite Kumiko Fujita fabrics. Sometimes I purchase a fabric like this because I just fall in love with it but then I struggle with how to use it. This seemed like a nice way to feature a couple of pieces.

The texty black bias tape was made from the new Lakehouse line Annie's Farm Stand. After receiving an order of it I was completely smitten and turned right around to order more.

The other towel has a patchwork border made up of some of my favorite kitchen/food/dots prints.

I have one more towel in the works but it's not quite finished yet. These were so much fun to make! I hope my secret partner enjoys using them as much as I enjoyed making them.


  1. These are incredibly beautiful, and I'm seriously jealous of your partner in the swap!

  2. I am practically drooling! Such pretty kitchen additions

  3. Super adorable kitchen linens! Love the towels. <3

  4. I just love those little kitchen-y pictures! I am sure your partner will adore the goodies you are making for them!


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