Friday, June 24, 2011

Summer Sewing

If you remember, my sewing space is also our guest bedroom. My husband's sister is visiting us for a bit so I've finally devoted some time to hand sewing my Hope Valley hexies!

I especially enjoy having a project like this when the weather is good enough to be outside because that means I can work on it while the kids are running around the yard like the insane energy freaks that they really are.

Originally, I was planning on making a little drawstring pouch/bag/purse with these but I really like them all laid out flat so I may switch things up and make a table runner instead.

It's been a lot of fun watching all the little hexies play so nicely together. And stitching them up is going much faster than I thought it would.

And I'm such a dork that I even love the messy backs.

What are you sewing up this summer?


  1. hooray for hexagons! i love looking at the backs too. that's where you see all the hard work. :o)

  2. So lovely!!
    I'm the same I like portable projects for the summer. This year I'll crochet a blanket she said in the most optimistic tone of voice ;-)

  3. YAY - Hexies!! I just love them... and the fabric choices you are working with ~ can't wait to see how it turns out... :)

  4. Oh I do love hexi's... yours are so pretty too!

  5. I really like how your runner turned out! Do you have a tutorial source for making Hexies?


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