Friday, June 3, 2011

Swap Stuff

After seeing all the cool stuff that came out of the first round, I decided to join the Spicing Up the Kitchen swap over on flickr. This is what I've gathered together so far.

We've all been assigned our secret partners and now is the time when we all try to figure out what that partner will like based on a questionnaire that was filled out when we all joined as well as a mosaic of favorite items that they've posted to the group.

I could go a couple of ways with the inspiration that my partner has provided but I hope she likes these goodies (linen, some favorite kitchen-y prints, a texty bias tape that I made the other day). But in all honesty, this is right up my own alley!

I'll give the ideas a few more days to roll around in my brain before I start stitching. Can't wait to show the finished project when it's all done!

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  1. I really had to hold myself back from joining this swap as I knew I wouldn't have time at the moment to do it but your picture us so inspiring-so i am not your partner but those fabrics are so good!


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