Friday, May 6, 2011

Introducing: BigBot

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Awhile back I purchased this book (image from

After thumbing through and carefully inspecting each and every project, Owen asked for a BigBot.

Well, his birthday is coming up. And I want to encourage his love of all things crafty and handmade. So he'll be getting this:

The colors are different from the version in the book but I absolutely love this little bot! In the interest of truth, however, I must say that these small crochet projects take a long time to complete. Well, for me anyway.

It will all be worth it when he sees it for the first time!

Of course, now Bailey has put in her request for a BabyBot. I guess I better not put the yarn away just yet.


  1. Oh this came out so cute, you did a great job! I have the same book, which I got last summer. I started on the robot on the front and have exactly 4 rows done,LOL! You have given me inspiration to get working on it to give to my son for his birthday in july.

  2. Isn't great when you can truly deliver what they want and they want handmade! Really cute little bot!

  3. When I first saw this, I thought you bought the amigurumi! Can't believe you made it!!! It is super duper cute and professionally made!!


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