Thursday, May 5, 2011


The kiddos, Grams, and I all headed to the Oregon Coast for a few days to have some fun.

We visited the Hatfield Science Center, which was full of all kinds of amazing displays and this was pretty much my view for most of the afternoon:

There were some great touch pools so that the kiddos could check out the sea stars, anemone, and sea urchins up close.

Of course, the pool at the hotel was a big hit. I loved watching my little water babies waddle down the hallway with all their pool gear.

Of course, they had to see what they would look like as sea divers.

We found this great whale statue while waiting to get into the Oregon Coast Aquarium.

Bailey loved the windows in the floor of the big glass tunnels at the aquarium where she could see the sharks swimming right underneath us. I love that she was so entranced that she felt no self-consciousness about getting right down on the floor to check it all out.

And Owen loved being eye to eye with all of the fish and sharks. He really loved the sting rays, too.

And this is probably my favorite picture from the whole trip!

Or maybe this one. Jellyfish are so amazing!

If you make it to Newport, Oregon, I highly recommend both the Hatfield Science Center (free!) and the Oregon Coast Aquarium. Good times!

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