Wednesday, June 30, 2010


PMQG is going to do a presentation on hexagons at our next meeting so I figured I'd get a little head start and at least start doing some cutting. I'll probably hold off on any sewing but I can't make any promises.

How cute is that little guy with the flowers? And check out the awesome little hexie template set from tabslot. One for the fabric and one for the papers. My friend Jill and her husband make these (and many other fabulous templates and rulers for rotary cutting). Go check out her new etsy shop and see other hexie sizes too!
It really was inevitable. The hexies are just too cute.


  1. Hexies are soooooo addicting! Yours are looking really sweet!


  2. Thanks for the plug Megs! You have some seriously cute hexies there, love them! Now, what to make with them...

  3. The links didn't work for me, but those templates sure are a smart idea!

  4. I checked the links and things seem to be working fine!


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