Friday, April 30, 2010

Retro Wave Quilt

First I saw these frolicking puppies.

And then these adorable elephants.

And they both found their way into this quilt, which is made up of 30's reproduction fabrics and feedsack prints. It seems everyone in the world has made one of these quilts. This is the first time I've ever followed an actual quilt pattern and I must say, I like that all of the measurements and "quilt math" have been done for me. This is a pretty straightforward pattern and the instructions are easy to follow. I've got all the sashing cut out and three of the columns completed. It's coming together pretty fast so I should have no problem getting this one done for my Spring to Finish challenge. And I'm more than half-way done with the hand-sewing part of binding Owen's I Spy quilt. YAY ME!


  1. Looking good! I LOVE those 30s repro prints. One of the quilt shops in town here carries so many of them, I'm going to have to make a quilt out of them one of these days!

  2. Love it love it love it!!! What a great pattern to showcase the adorable 30's prints. It's looking fabulous! x

  3. So beautiful! I'll have to show this to my friend who is doing some retro 30's print quilts at the moment!


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