Monday, April 5, 2010

Poochie Bags and Crayon Rolls, Oh My!

Found this great little tutorial over at Happy Zombie
for these sweet little bags so I had to make one for each of my kiddos. Also made little crayon rolls and put a little sketch book in the bag for each of them.

This all came about because Owen's preschool has a literacy project where each child gets to take home a class critter (stuffed animal) about once a month. There are five different animals and they each come in a little canvas bag with their own book and their own journal. Each time we've had a critter, we take lots of pictures and Owen will dictate to me what to write in the journal. He likes to pick out what color marker I use and then he also usually draws a picture to go with that day's entry. He LOVES it! I figured we could start doing a little journaling over the summer when preschool is out. This little bag set will be perfect. Plus, he picked out the lizard material himself.

Bailey loves to do anything Owen does so she gets her own bag, journal and crayon roll, too. Her favorite color (of the moment anyway) is orange and she picked out the orange and yellow floral stripes for her bag. My favorite thing about making the crayon rolls is that it gave me a chance to practice free-motion quilting. It scares the bejeezus out of me to think about doing a whole quilt but I enjoy getting the chance to do some little practice pieces. Maybe someday I'll work up the nerve. Until then, I'll stick with my little crafty projects.

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