Friday, October 21, 2011

Cocorico ~ Krista's Block

November is Krista's month over in the Cocorico paper piecing bee on flickr. She chose "Hit the Slopes" as her theme because her whole family enjoys winter sports and skiing. One of her inspiration photos was a ski boot, so I tried to tackle that.

I really enjoyed designing this block and figuring out how to get that typical ski boot look with the leg portion leaning forward. I'm a little worried that the fabric choices have made the boot a little busier than I would have preferred, but Krista likes it and that's what's most important!

If you are interested in trying paper piecing or want a cute winter pattern to sew up, check out Kerry's very first PDF pattern for sale! Kerry's work is impeccable and I just know that the same amount of thought and care that she puts into her sewing has been put into this pattern. I just purchased mine and can't wait to stitch a few up. And she promises more patterns to come.

Looking forward to beginning a new quilt this weekend at our guild's all day sew. What are you working on?


  1. Your ski boot is amazing Megan!! You did such an amazing job at creating depth at the opening of the boot, really excellent!
    I'm going to chicken out this month as I can not come up with anything decent myself so I'm making Kerry's pattern- clever right? ;-)

  2. I love it that my little pattern is in Krista's theme! Great boot Megan, it is totally a ski boot shape and I love the texty choices!

  3. Wow. This is uh-may-zing. It looks like a propper boot and everything! In fact, I think my mom had this boot a few years back... lol :-) Great great job!

  4. Are you kidding me? This is freaking awesome!

  5. How can I get this pattern?


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