Monday, October 24, 2011

A Snow Globe is Born

Thanks goodness for the PMQG all day sew this past weekend. I actually completed a quilt top and worked on my latest paper pieced block. A snow globe for Melinda!

Melinda is one of my new friends over in the Cocorico bee on flickr. Her theme was "Vintage Christmas". I remember collecting snow globes as a child. I just loved shaking them up and watching the sparkley snow fall down over the scene!

This block was lots of fun to work on, though in the interest of full disclosure I have to admit to spending a bit of quality time with my seam ripper. There are a couple of places that I wish I had done a little differently but overall, I think it turned out okay.

Here's a picture with a ruler in it to give you an idea of the scale. Tiny! Curved piecing still makes me very nervous, so I made the snow globe and will applique that onto the background fabric.

And that quilt top I finished? Hopefully, I can get that basted and quilted up in the next week or so. It all depends on the kids and schedules and life.

Speaking of which.... this past weekend the whole family went to the Jingle Bell Run/Walk kick-off party and it was a blast. We got to speak about our family's experience with Owen and his juvenile arthritis. And Owen even got up in front of about 350 people and told a joke. I'm so proud of him! If you'd like to help him reach his goal, just follow the link on the top right of the blog.


  1. Wow! Amazing as usual! I'm so bummed I missed the sewing day, sounds like it was productive.

  2. Ahem, you think it "turned out okay"? I think it turned out absolutely adorable! I love the whole idea and every detail.

  3. Neat block! I always like finding Oregonian quilters as I grew up in Oregon. It's like I can get a little glimpse of home. Enjoyed your blog and your textile projects.
    best from Tunisia,

  4. I am squealing all the way over in the UK! Can you hear me Meg? Totally wonderful! I am obsessed by house things at the moment and this is just perfect! By the way, no tiny pieced block is complete without at least 3 mins with a seam ripper!

  5. That snow globe is wonderful! I love it!

  6. this is AMAZING!

    a friend sent me the link to your flickr photo, because she knows that i love snowglobes. you've done an incredible job!

  7. I love this Megan! Perfect—love the chimney!

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