Monday, January 17, 2011


Can't. Stop. Making. Snack. Mats.

This one is a simple patchwork of 2" squares (finishing at 1.5"). Simple grid quilting.

A little tiny Hello Kitty tag on the back.

And this elephant is seriously my favorite. This little guy (or girl) is going to be showing up in many more projects, I think.

Tried Kerry's tutorial for single fold binding on this one and LOVED it. Really keeps the bulk down on a smaller project like this. Go check it out and then sew one of these cuties up for yourself!


  1. Can I have it!?!? LOL I love polka dots and elephants have been my favorite animal since I was a kid. This mat is ADORABLE! :o)

  2. Cute all over, and the binding is looking lovely- glad tut worked :)

  3. I found you on flickr through the sewing summit flickr group. This snack mat is out of control cute. I feel myself obsessing over it. I think I might have to make one. I could use this next to computer at work everyday to hold my drink and such. Great idea!!!! If I make one, I will let you know!


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