Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy Crafty New Year!

Hope you had a wonderful time ringing in 2011! I'm already at it, crafting up a little something something for one of my favorite two year olds.

Our little family is heading out to a birthday party tomorrow and this is what we will be giving the birthday boy - a little crocheted dinosaur in its own drawstring dino-bag.

By the way, my four year old informed me that this is a diplodocus as opposed to a brachyosaurus because brachyosaurs have a bump on their heads. Who knew?

Here's a close-up of the little fabric tag with Mr. Birthday Boy's initial:

And here's the whole thing, ready to go live in its new home.

I have to say, this little drawstring bag is going to be my new go-to bag for gift wrapping and small storage. I made a couple for my kids this Christmas to be their "car bags" hauling all their various thingamajigs to and from the car. And I'm going to make one to store a new wooden puzzle of the United States that we just added to the puzzle shelf over the holidays. Super fast, super easy, super cute. Oh, and reversible! Any interest in a tutorial?


  1. Tute? A resounding YES! That would be lovely! Love the addtion of the little squeezy thing that tightens the cord! Also, I like the reversible factor.

  2. A tutorial would be great!!! Looks like a very practical bag. Love the use of the cord clip...I know those things have a name...just can't think of it!

  3. Great gift! Especially love the tag. Your casing reminds me of how pink penguin does hers - simple and smart!

  4. Yes to the tutorial. I love you did your casing. Nice neat finish to the bag.


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