Friday, January 14, 2011

Little Cutie

We have entered that point in childhood when birthday parties are often found on the calendar and this weekend is no exception. The birthday girl is quite fond of penguins, so this is what she's getting:

My kids have already put in their orders for their own little penguins. To give you an idea of size and scale, here I am holding the wee one.

Cute, right?

Now I'm off to make (what else?) a little gift bag for the birthday girl.


  1. My daughter loves a little penguin in just about any form too. Those are ridiculously cute!

  2. It is so cute!! What pattern did you use? My grandkids would love one of those!

  3. I know which little girl is going to totally looooove that penguin. That's so sweet!

  4. Hello! - I've tagged you on my blog - please pop over to see why and accept only if you wish to :o)

  5. Hi Megan- a bloggy award for you! Hidden in the post, scroll down!


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