Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Parts of this post may offend. I do not mean for them to offend, but there you have it. Maybe it will help to know that I started my career in theater as a stagehand and carpenter before moving on to stage management. When working backstage or in a scene shop, I was often the only woman and I picked up some rather unladylike habits. Cussing like a sailor would be one of them.

I worked very hard on this quilt block.

Lots of teeny tiny piecing.

Completely and totally imperfect because I have never tried making these types of paper pieced letters before. They were HARD!

This picture isn't all that great but I wanted to share how all those seams need to play together on the back of the block.

This is for Chawne's "Give a F*ck" communal quilt project. You can read more about it on her awesome blog. Be careful - you will get sucked into her amazing crafting.

It turned out vaguely patriotic with all that red, white,and blue. Perhaps I've been watching a bit too much of the current debate cycle. Or maybe I was thinking about the economy. Or about the whole Occupy movement. Or about how we don't adequately fund our schools. Who knows? I like it. Like I said, it's not perfect, but neither am I. So we made a good pair.

Until I mailed it out and had to say goodbye.

Now I'm glad to have these pictures to share because I'm afraid the block has gone missing in the mail. It's been a week and has not yet been received. I'm prepared for the worst.

And I guess I need to make another block.


***UPDATE*** I am so so so happy to report that the block arrived safe and sound at its destination! Whew!


  1. Missing, you are kidding! Such a mighty fine block too- I am pretty hard to offend

  2. thanks a bunch for the block! it's beautiful.

  3. I'm glad your block didn't go missing after all! It is wonderful, great job on piecing those letters!

  4. Your work is beautiful... and I love the sentiment! :) I'm glad it didn't get lost...

  5. i totally would have skipped the serifs on that font. you are brave! thanks for the view of the back, too.


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