Monday, August 15, 2011


These were too fun to not share!

Picked up these great little sandwich shape cutters the other day and they are a huge hit.

The selection included dinosaurs and hearts, so we were set. We have used large cookie cutters in the past to cut our lunch sandwiches into cute shapes but there was always quite a bit of waste. These cutters, since they're made for sandwiches, are able to neatly eliminate the crusts without wasting too much of the actual bread and filling.

Here's the heart one in action.

This bread is the larger, more rectangular bread (we call it grown-up bread in our house) so you can see that there is a little more waste than you would get with a regular more square loaf. We've tried the cutters with pb&j as well as ham, turkey, and cheese - all with great results.

Lunch is served!

These are also fun for morning toast and hot sandwiches like grilled cheese. Best of all, the kids love them and clean their plates!


  1. These are adorable! Where'd you find them?

  2. So cute! I'll have to see if they would work with our little gluten free loaves they are so small.

  3. We've been using the dinosaurs for a couple of years now. Everyone loves a dino-sandwhich! I use the crusts to make "mountains" for the dinosaurs to climb up and orange slices for the sun. Baby carrots make good sun rays.

    I might play too much with my kids food. lol

    I haven't seen the hearts, those are adorable.


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