Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Crafting for others

The quilting/sewing/crafting community is among the most generous I have ever encountered. It's more than just sharing advice and encouragement. It's more than the wealth of information available via free patterns and tutorials. It's more than the time and effort spent making swap items and sending extra goodies to your partner.

Susan Beal is a local crafter/mama/activist powerhouse! I feel so fortunate to have met and worked with her via the Portland Modern Quilt Guild. Susan and her friend Daniela have created Quilts for Quake Survivors in an effort to help the people of Japan so devastated by the earthquakes and tsunami.

I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to finish two quilts that are destined for QFQS! Many people have gathered and donated fabric and time to piece quilt tops. When Susan came to our last guild meeting looking for volunteers to make these quilt tops into finished quilts, I was more than happy to help.

It seems such a small thing in the face of so much tragedy but I hope that this will help in some way. And it all started because a compassionate crafter wanted to do something to help. Susan is a total rock star!

On a completely different note, I was able to sew up some floor pillow covers for Bailey's preschool! It was a pretty fun project and it gave me the chance to tackle piping as a pillow edging. Tricky stuff that piping! The corners took some real effort but I think they turned out okay.

Isn't that fabric cute? It's from Joann's, called mod floral or something like that. The colors will be great in the newly spiffed up preschool space!

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