Monday, July 11, 2011


Our family will be heading to a very special camp this summer. Camp JAM (Juvenile Arthritis Matters) is for kids and teens with juvenile arthritis and their families. We've taken to referring to camp by its theme since Owen has only a vague understanding of his arthritis and everything that means for him. Last year was Pirate Camp.

This year it's Cowboy Camp!

And thanks to Grams, Owen will be sporting some fabulous cowboy apparel this year.

One of the things that makes Camp JAM so special is that the entire family is able to come. So while the kids are off being kids, parents can spend time meeting other families dealing with the same challenges.

Because the whole family is able to spend this special time together, Miss Bailey also has some new (PINK!) accessories to round out her cowgirl outfit.

No doubt you will be seeing more of these puppies in future posts. It's been a bit challenging to get the kids to wear any other shoes lately.


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