Friday, July 29, 2011

Summertime fun

We had a fun family outing to our local amusement park. Here in the Pacific Northwest we have learned to seize those summer days when they happen!

Waiting patiently for their balloon creations (Spiderman and a flower, in case you're curious).

Owen's favorite FAVORITE ride is the leap frogger thing. Not that you could tell by the expression on his face.

Bailey had a minor freak-out because of the crowds and the noise but she was happy as a clam on the little cars.

I have my own issues with the airplane ride that includes these guns mounted on the planes. Seriously, it looks like all these parents have sent their kids to sniper camp. But it's hard not to laugh when Owen goes all army-man-super-hero-protector-of-the-universe.

Happy summer!

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