Monday, March 14, 2011

Paper Piecing

This is my first paper pieced block (other than a string quilt block made using a paper foundation).

And very helpful tutorial here.

There are a few little "oops" but I'm still really happy with how it all turned out. I had a lot of trouble starting out because I just did not "get it." But boy, once I figured it out and everything clicked, it was amazing. And fun! It's really kind of magical to watch it all come together because it seems so unlike any other kind of sewing I've ever done. Using solids was very helpful because at least I didn't have to be worrying all the time about whether my fabric was facing the right way or not.

If you want to see some paper piecing at it's finest, cutest and most creative then head over to the Ringo Pie group on flickr and prepare to be amazed. I've been stalking the group and it's members because it's so incredible!

Oh! Before I forget, there's also this nifty little tool that was very helpful. The add-a-quarter ruler helps to trim your paper-pieced seam allowances to a perfect quarter inch and keeps everything nice and tidy on the back of the block.

This block was made with kona ash gray and charcoal, and three random oranges that you'll be seeing in another upcoming project.


  1. I love this block! I can't get over how long it takes to make one, and how easy it is to make a mistake. Yours look perfect! Love the color combo.

  2. I love this block and I absolutely LOVE your color choices! Really, really, pretty. Maybe someday I'll be able to tackle a block like this... dare to dream!

  3. I love this block- it truly glows with colour! Good gadget too, I've been looking for one locally but I'll have to go on line, the sewing shops have nothing like it. I posted your parcel today, may take 7-10 days x

  4. Wow! I love it! I like how the central color is different from the outer color. I'm going to have to make one of these someday! :-)

  5. How beautiful! I've just learnt how to do foundation piecing too, it opens up a whole new world. I stalk the Ringo Pie group too, aren't they amazing!


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