Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Emergency Crafting

We've had a bit of drama over here that made it necessary to make these:

Tooth Fairy Pillows!

You see, Owen and Bailey were playing with Daddy (a made-up game called Toro Toro where Daddy is the bullfighter and Owen and Bailey are the bulls, running through a small blanket Daddy holds up). Both kiddos ran full force at each other and before anyone could stop them Bailey's head made hard and painful contact with Owen's mouth. Lots of tears. Lots of red stuff. And two loose teeth.

We went to the doctor who set us up with an emergency visit to the dentist the next day. With a possible tooth extraction on the horizon I figured I'd better whip up a tooth fairy pillow (or two), just in case.

The front has a pocket for holding the tooth until the Tooth Fairy can come and leave a little surprise in it's place. And there's a loop for hanging the pillow off the bedpost or the doorknob.

I'm happy to say that we have NOT had to use it yet! The dentist wants to wait a few more days to let my poor little guy heal up a bit. But it's likely that the tooth will come out early next week.

These little pillows are very simple to make and would be easy to customize with a name or some embroidery. Any interest in a tutorial?


  1. I would DEFINITELY love to see a tutorial on this tooth fairy pillow. Love them! :o)

  2. me too ~ would like a tutorial I mean ~ those tooth fairy pillows are so perfect!

  3. A bit of drama themed crafting- made me laugh, sorry boys- I hope their mouths are Ok but I am imagining it was a great game until the crash!

  4. Seriously cute pillows for 2 seriously cute kids! Sorry about the drama - Dads...Oy. I love the hanging loops - brilliant!

  5. I'm interested! I would make one for my darling little niece who doesn't even have teeth yet. LOL. :-)


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