Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Another Dresden

Remember this stack of gray goodness? Now it's a dresden!

I love it.

I don't love it paired with the blue linen I had originally chosen. I'm thinking lime green but this is destined to be a pillow in someone else's home and I'm not sure if lime green is really their thing. Swaps can be tricky.

Perhaps a trip to the fabric store is in order?


  1. All that grey, yum, so lovely! Maybe just pair it with plain linen?

  2. If you aren't set on linen, I just picked up a solid cotton labeled "slate" at Cool Cottons that worked wonderfully with my variety of greys.

  3. Wish it was coming to my home! Yes, I do!

  4. This is SO beautiful, Megan! I was just feeling like making a dresden last night and you totally convinced me that I really should make one!!


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