Friday, May 21, 2010

Oh, Happy Day!

This is what FOUR looks like! My little guy had a birthday yesterday and he was not shy about sharing that information with everyone. Seriously, everyone at school, strangers in the parking lot, the checker at the grocery store.....

It's no real surprise that he chose chocolate cake with chocolate frosting - he is my child after all. Although it is somewhat surprising that I managed to make both from scratch since I've been battling a crazy cold that has left me super sleepy and with no voice.

One of the birthday gifts was his I Spy quilt, all done and ready to be played with. Both kiddos had fun looking at all the different pictures and trying find the matches. Then they just had fun hiding under the quilt.

Personally, I can't decide if this a super-cool quilt or just one of the world's ugliest quilts! Beauty was certainly not top priority with this one as it is meant to be played with and provide as much entertainment value as possible. And I know it's just a bunch of squares so it's nothing particularly complicated but there are some things about this quilt that I really like.

It's the first time I really paid close attention to my seam allowances. It's also the first time I pressed my seams to one side instead of open and I liked how that made lining things up a bit easier. Though, to be honest, I like how flat a quilt lies when the seams are pressed open. I also free motioned the borders - again, nothing fancy but I NEED to be willing to try things or I'm never going to learn, right? Let's's the largest quilt I've ever made, a twin size and it's my first quilt that has the binding properly applied. I loved snuggling under the quilt as I hand-stitched the binding.

So, happy birthday kiddo! You're the bestest!


  1. He is just too cute! again I have a thing for little kids an glasses...
    that's not creepy right?

    I think the quilt is awesome....

  2. This quilt is great! It is joyful and scrappy and perfect for a little person. I also like that feeling of getting to enjoy the quilt as I bind it.


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