Monday, May 24, 2010


My friend Susannah is an angel in disguise. When I told her last year about Owen's diagnosis of Juvenile Arthritis, she immediately offered to do a benefit concert. Yeah, she's an awesome entertainer. She can currently be seen performing here. So, she's kind and funny and generous and just generally awesome and she gathered a bunch of similarly talented and awesome people to put together the concert. It was great. Everyone was incredible and the people who came seemed to have a great time. All the artists donated their time and talent and ALL proceeds went to benefit Camp JAM, a special camp for kids and teens with arthritis and their families.

So, I wanted to thank Susannah and I made her this scarf.

It's made from a patterned burnout velvet on one side and a solid blue/gray velvet on the other with some black velvet at either end to add to the length.

Here's a better look at the beautiful pattern.
I wish you all could reach through the screen to feel how soft and yummy it is. And given the fact that we had a massive hail storm yesterday, she may get a chance to use it before next fall/winter. Thanks, Susannah - you rock my world and you will always be family to us.

In other news of grateful am I that no one found this at the thrift store before I did?
It's this crazy cute apron with something like a million teeny tiny pleats. It also has this adorable little pocket with tiny rick rack detailing. You know if this apron were being mass produced today that rick rack would just be printed on the white trim. But this is actual teeny tiny rick rack sewn onto the white trim and then added to the pocket.

I have no idea what I'm going to do with it besides love it and give it a good home. Maybe I'll wear it over the summer to serve frosty margaritas to our barbecue guest while I channel Donna Reed or something.

Have a great day!

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