Friday, March 12, 2010

Preschool Bullying...sigh

Okay, I knew it would happen eventually, but I was really not prepared to have to deal with bullying amongst the preschool set. We've been experiencing a little drama at school where another little boy is giving Owen a tough time. For the most part, Owen seems to be handling it all pretty well and we aim to keep it that way. We go to a great little cooperative preschool so the "chain of command" isn't quite the same as it might be in a different setting. For example, we can't just go to the principal and ask to have this other kid moved to a different classroom. There are only 15 kids in Owen's class and there's one classroom. On the plus side, the teacher is awesome and is completely aware of the problem, as is the other kiddo's parents. Hopefully, this will be a minor bump in the road.

Anyway...happier things. We had a great time at the indoor park today - especially nice since it was raining cats and dogs most of the day. Owen had fun with the tricycles and every other toy he could get his hands on. Bailey was very content to rock in the big thing we call the rocky fish. I swear, give the girl something that rocks and she's all set.

After indoor park we went to story time at the library, another good rainy day activity. We returned some books and got a bunch of new ones and they both did pretty well considering libraries are supposed to be fairly quiet places.

Came home, did the lunch thing, the quiet time/movie thing and the nap thing. Then had pizza for dinner - a favorite in these parts - and made homemade cookies. A good, busy, fun day.

And is Owen adorable in his glasses or what???


  1. Owen is adorable as is your baby. Bullying in preschool...yep it happens. Our library is a real community meeting place. There are so many who come in with their littlies for kids fun mornings. Who cares about the noise.

  2. That's so sad...poor little guy. Hope it ends soon!


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