Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Long over due pics

Finally some pictures of the felt food I made and gave to the kiddos this past Christmas - all heavily played with by now. Seriously, we didn't even need to get the play kitchen, they just love all the little foods!

For good measure, I've also included a photo of a handprint pillow I made for Owen to commemorate his first year of preschool. It was made with scraps from making the big auction quilt. Owen really liked the quilt but we're pretty confident that it will NOT be coming home with us, so I wanted him to have a little something. He's slept with it the past three nights - so cute.

Last night I cut out the fabric for a couple of cute little Poochie Bags from a free pattern over at Happy Zombie's AWESOME blog! Bailey picked out a funky orange print for her bag and Owen picked out these wild and crazy lizards. I'll also be making little crayon/marker rolls for them to keep in their bags along with little sketch books. It is way big fun to craft for my kids!

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  1. The felt food is awesome. I'm not surprised the kids have just played and played with them They are going to remember those for ever. They look great. Well done.


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