Friday, August 2, 2013

Another one.

Are you tired of my table runners yet?

Because I've had the fabric for this one set aside for, um, 2 years. Seriously.

What on Earth took me so long? It was a piece of cake to stitch up, quilt, and bind - not to mention a joy to work with these beautiful fabrics.

The whole piece is very organic - no measuring, no real pattern. The quilting is random not-so-straight lines. I love it.

And I'm very pleased that I have enough scraps left over to make a set of place mats! Sweet!

This summer is flying by and I can hardly believe that school starts up in only a month. But if I'm being perfectly honest then I have to admit that I'm looking forward to having a bit more time for sewing and being creative. I seem to still have the expectation that summer is this amazing expanse of freedom, but really it's the kids who get the freedom. The parents work harder in the summertime! I'm definitely not complaining and I love my kids like crazy, but this was a hard truth to wrap my brain around.

Maybe I'll have something OTHER than a table runner to share next time!


  1. Great fabrics, Megan! The binding fabric is really fun!

  2. Lovely runner - gorgeous fabrics! I really need to make a couple and some placemats but I am finding it hard to sew in the school holidays too! I'm being more of a referee! :-)

  3. Love the fabrics and color pallet. The quilting is fabulous =)

  4. The random, not-straight quilting is perfect for the fabrics!

  5. Thumbs up for your work, Lovely runner.

  6. it is lovely, the fabrics look great in those random stripes

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