Thursday, July 19, 2012

Brace yourself

I actually made something! And I'm posting about it!

It certainly wasn't my intention to spend the summer ignoring my sewing machine or my blog, but sometimes that's just what happens when there are swimming lessons, Tae Kwan Do classes, ballet, and general summery mayhem happening all around at the speed of life. 

But somehow I managed to steal away for a little bit and FINALLY make my June Cocorico block for Amy. Her theme was The Artist's Studio.

At first I wanted to try an easel but luckily, Kylie beat me to it. Her block is stunning and no doubt much better than what I might have come up with.

What I did end up making was this:

A calligraphy pen and inkwell. I wish I had taken a better picture so you could see that the steel blue fabric on the left is actually a calligraphy print with writing and different nibs, but it looks pretty washed out in the photo.

One of my favorite parts of this block is the text above the pen nib. Part of it reads, "postpaid, safe arrival." If you've ever participated in an online bee, then you know the worry that can grip you when you hand over a block that you've worked really hard to make and you hope that the postal system won't let you down. Over at Cocorico, we seem to be a particularly nervous bunch while we wait to hear that our blocks arrived safely so I thought Amy would appreciate this little detail.

I promise I won't wait another month before posting! I actually have a lot of things in the works and am excited to show them off. Meanwhile, hope you are enjoying the summer with friends and family.


  1. Totally, absolutely awesome! Love that you used that Yuwa print on the left, and I identified it easily from your photo. Am impressed with the care with which you lined up that graph paper print; I have some but haven't had the courage to use it in piecing.

    Above all, of course, it's your design that takes the cake. Perfect for the theme, and so pleasing! Surely Amy will be delighted.

  2. I DO love the detail "safe arrival"! It's so hard to put our blocks in the mail and have them travel so far after so much work. That's perfect. I think that this is a fabulous block! I so love the print you included on the left! How perfect is that? It's so wonderful--I look forward to seeing all the details in person! Thank you.

  3. Wow, I love the print for the nib and the detail for the ink resevoire! A beauty Megan!


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