Monday, March 12, 2012

Girly girl

My daughter is four years old and has a bigger wardrobe than I do.

I suppose part of it is because I keep making her dresses.

In my defense, she apparently won't stop growing so new clothes are a necessity.

This is a very simple jumper but I made a few adjustments along the way. Most notably, I changed the way the pattern did the interfacing so that I didn't need to add bias trim around the arm-holes.

And I love that I had this button just waiting to be used! It's so sweet! And I also really like the button loop closure - so simple and easy to get the placement right.

Then there's this little number:

I didn't have enough of any one fabric to make the dress so I just used what I did have and mixed it up a bit. I even needed to add the red at the bottom to get the length right. But you know what? I really like it! I like that it uses more than one print and I really love the red at the hem.

Best of all - it's a great twirly dress so Bailey is in seventh heaven!

There are a couple more dresses and skirts just waiting to be sewn up and hopefully, Bailey will be properly clothed for a few months until she outgrows everything again.


  1. Oh, do you have links to the patterns? Or the numbers? I've been looking for some really simple ones to make Tuesday that she could layer a bit and these look perfect!

  2. Super cute! Wow, you've been busy, love these. Lucky little girl :)

  3. I love that you used several different fabrics to make the cute dress for Bailey! The red hem is such a nice addition! Such a lucky girl to have mom who can sew dresses for her as she grows ;)

  4. Wow looks so cute love these dresses. Great post keep it up!

  5. CUTE! im thingking to make one too for my little girl


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