Thursday, February 23, 2012

In Progress

It's that time of year when a preschoolers mama turns her thoughts to school auctions.

This year I volunteered to make a quilt as a class project for Bailey's class of 3 and 4 year olds.

Some of the kids were less than enthusiastic about their contribution, but thankfully all were finally persuaded to participate.

I'm kinda loving it.

At first I wasn't quite sure about the color palette. I don't know if I've just stared at it so long that I've rationalized the colors work together or if they really do look good. But I'm actually leaning toward using them in another project I have up my sleeve. Mostly I hope that the other families like it so we aren't the only ones bidding on it!

The backing is almost ready and then it's on to basting and quilting. And binding.

Better get busy!


  1. aw, how cute! i love these happy colors.

  2. It looks awesome Megan! Lovely job. I like the colors, they are calm and not overwhelming.

  3. this is great! my oldest is starting school this coming year. we take her for kindergarten registration in march :(

    i hope it gets a super high bid and from a non parent!

  4. The color scheme really works! You did a great job. So unique, happy but not abrasive. Kids and paint and fabric...shudder.


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