Monday, November 14, 2011

Weekend sewing

A little peek at how I spent part of my weekend.

I cannot WAIT to show this quilt once it's completed! It's a Christmas present for my hubby, the math and science geek.

A little snippet of the back.

And lots and LOTS of straight line quilting. I figure I'll need a couple more hours to finish the quilting and do the machine portion of attaching the binding.

And then I'll be able to focus on a couple of other things.

Sometimes, when I get in the groove on a project it's very hard for my brain to let it go. I obsess and obsess until I can finally get it done. Then it's like my brain breathes a big sigh of relief and makes room for other thoughts. Anyone else like that?


  1. That looks really, really good!- oh yeah, obsession, it's my middle name

  2. i TOTALLY get like that. and usually not about the project that *should* be done first. that's why Krista's bee block was actually done weeks before Annabel's. my brain grabbed onto that idea and wouldn't let go.

    my husband is a college math professor so i'm excited to see more of this math and science inspired quilt.

  3. hooray! good for you! a finish is a big win but a finish for Xmas is huge!

  4. ooh, a Sierpinski gasket?!?! so very very cool.

  5. i love chawne's comment and i can't wait to see this quilt.

    i also get like that. thank goodness. otherwise i'd never finish anything. also, this is why i think it is ok to have projects that never get finished. why spend precious sewing time on something that doesn't "grab" you and give you that awesome feeling?


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