Friday, November 12, 2010

Super Snack Sacks!

A friend of mine, one of the mom's at Owen's preschool saw his lunch sack the other day and really REALLY wanted one. So, I kinda made a whole pile of them:

They all have a coordinating pocket on the back and some also have a pocket on the inside. These ones are all for sale in the shop. *** And don't forget that 100% of the proceeds benefit Camp JAM!***

I have found these little snack sacks to be a perfect size for carrying around everything from a granola bar and a juice box to a full-blown lunch and snacks for the kiddos. I even made one for myself because mommas need snacks too! The kids also have ones that they use for toting around a small sketch book and crayons (and all the other various things that preschoolers "need"). I'll probably whip up a few more this holiday season to use as gift bags.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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