Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wanna wand?

You get what you pay for, I suppose.

We went to our local Goodwill thrift store and scored some fantastic vintage linens and then the kids saw some fairy wings and wands with the Halloween display. The wings have held up just fine, but the wands...not so much. A set of fairy wings and wand cost a whopping $1.37 so it's hard to complain when something like this happens:

So, after assuring the kiddos that the world was not coming to an immediate end we decided to replace our plastic wands with homemade wooden ones!

We glued some wooden circles to the end of wooden dowling and then painted them. Add some ribbons, pipe cleaners, and sparkley gem stickers and we had some pretty awesome new creations. Some pretty awesome hard-to-photograph-because-the-kids-wouldn't-stop-playing-with-them-long-enough creations!

The kiddos love them because they got to make them all by themselves (pretty much). At first, my son kept asking why his wand didn't work and did it need new batteries. Now he can tell you that the thing that makes wands work best is imagination. And he can also explain that the sparkley heart gems make it so the wands can only do good magic. These lessons were learned immediately after the lesson that wands are not weapons (especially when one is doing "magic" on the kitties). Sigh.


  1. This is why there always needs to be lots and lots of craft supplies in the house because you never know when you might have a WAND EMERGENCY and need to spring into action! Thank goodness you were prepared. These pictures of your wand wielders are super sweet.

  2. They look so happy! I love how the wands turned out!


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