Thursday, October 21, 2010

It's that time of year.

When I spend a LOT more time in my kitchen. I love holiday baking. It's become both trickier and more fulfilling now that there are kiddos on the scene. They love to "help" but my kitchen often qualifies as a disaster zone when we're through.

In an effort to class the place up a bit, I decided to make covers for my blender and mixer so that they a) don't collect dust when they aren't being used and b) look way cuter.

Blender before (and keep reading if you're curious about those cookies on the cooling rack):

And blender after:

Why, you may ask, is the blender covered in mixer fabric? That would be because I made this very very late at night and realized too late that I was following the blender measurements instead of the mixer ones. Nice, huh?

But have no fear, there's more of that fabric lying around and I have a pretty green kona that matches the green in the print so the mixer will have a matching cover soon.

Check out the yumma-numma cookies we made the other day:

Found the recipe over here. The cookies themselves are pretty awesome, almost like a shortbread but easier (I think) but it didn't hurt to add the cream cheese icing.

'Nuff said.


  1. I LOVE the blender cover, LOVE!! You're cracking me up about using the wrong fabric though - totally something I would do. Thanks for the cookie recipe, I need to make some frostable cookies for V's class halloween party, these sound perfect!

  2. That's pretty damn funny!
    I want those cookies right now!


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